Phase 1 - 12 week return to exercise safely - core/pelvic floor strengthening program

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Beginners rehab/corrective and breathing exercises, to help heal the core and prepare the body for more advanced exercises. Reconnecting the brain with the muscles, healing any Diastases Recti, and strengthening the whole core. Suitable for a natural delivery as well as C-section.

The first stage to healing the core. A combination of breathing exercises to gain correct core function again and strengthen and tighten up the inner core. A combination of exercises will be used that gradually increase in difficulty. These exercises are linked to daily movement patterns to ensure we are moving and lifting the baby safely to support the core, the exercises cover the full body including the pelvic floor, posture, and strength.
The concept being reconnecting the mind with the muscles and ensuring we retrain the body correctly, focus on technique, posture, and breathing.

You must have had the all clear from your Dr before beginning this program. This program is completed at your own risk. 

  • A 12-week program that includes exercise videos and a flexible timetable that can be followed at home.
  • Access to the private FB group which I will be answering any questions, support, and tips from other members too.
  • Tips (information leaflet) on nutrition to support hormone balance
  • My direct email to contact with any questions, to check form and technique.
  • Extra videos for stretching routine
  • Video to check for Diastasis recti
  • Monthly zoom progress checks 
  • The information leaflet for extra tips/support for C-section mums.
  • Monthly newsletter

Equipment Required

 Resistance bands of varying resistance
 A step (box or actual step)
 2kg and 4/5kg Dumbells
 Hip circle band
 Yoga mat

Phase 1 - 12 week return to exercise safely - core/pelvic floor strengthening program