What We Do Best
We're passionate about helping women understand the importance of taking time to correct, heal and strengthen the core. We have a history of working with many women to help them return to the gym safely or continue their training with us. We understand that working out with a baby can be difficult and sometimes we don’t put our own needs first. We have a range of experience working in gyms, freelancing as well as teaching, consulting and assessing for fitness centers. The advanced tools we use come from personal experience as well as years of practice. We understand that the post-natal journey can be emotionally challenging and at times frustrating and we do our best to support you on this journey using a holistic approach.
Meet The Founder
Gemma has always been passionate about fitness and health, that passion that led her to teaching Physical Education (PE) in secondary schools, in the hope of developing children’s love of sport and lifelong fitness. She comes from a background of competing in sport at a national level and have always led an active lifestyle. Her passion to help and inspire others pushed her to establish her own business offering personal training and consulting with primary schools to develop PE lessons. Being a qualified pre/post-natal fitness trainer Gemma noticed she was attracting a lot of post-natal women which has provided her with endless experience working with females recently post-natal up to several years after having children. Gemma had her first child 6 months ago (Feb, 2020) via a caesarian section, She was left in complete shock during the post-natal recovery phase, having trained many post-natal women she thought she'd find it easy to rehab her way to back to fitness quickly, however she massively underestimated the emotional side of her healing and learning after having major surgery. Even with her extensive knowledge and experience she herself had to reach out for support, read books, and completed rehab workouts. Gemma managed to get herself strong and functional again so she could get back into the gym and her fitness lifestyle.
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