Why Rehab After Pregnancy
After giving birth the mind muscle connection needs to be re-established between the brain and core unit. Breathing mechanics change – need to learn to breath effective diaphragmatic breaths again to engage the core correctly. diastasis recti may not heal on its own, this alone can cause stomach bulging, still looking pregnant, back ache, constipation, poor posture. Ribs and parts of the spine move during pregnancy, safe specific exercises are needed to mobilise these areas. Not to do any further damage – Returning to pre-pregnancy exercise routines without looking after the core first may result in long term damage or injuries. The core has many layers, just because the abs come back together does not mean that the inner core is healed, this puts the back at risk as the spine is not fully supported. The whole body goes through a massive change, by returning to exercise sensibly it allows the body to learn to heal and work together again. Too many women think it is ‘normal’ to live a life with back ache, incontinence, postural issues, lumps and bumps in the tummy region when performing certain exercises etc. All because there is a lack of knowledge and support. All of these ailments can be fixed no matter how many years post-partum a female is.
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We offer customized pre and post-natal fitness programs and coaching both online and face to face. Our primary goal is to support busy mum's pre & post pregnancy ensuring strength, fitness, good health and well-being. To ensure all women have the opportunity, understanding and support to heal post pregnancy both emotionally and physically.
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