Personal Training Sessions - Online PT

£240.00 - £3,000.00
Incl. tax
Online personal training can be accessed by anyone who subscribes. The courses can be tailored for each individual based on initial consultation and assessment. All clients will receive a free 15-minute consultation. New clients will be required to complete a medical questionnaire and have a follow-up consultation should they sign up. Initial exercises will need to be completed and videoed for my assessment needs and to allow me to make the program-specific.

Available for any mums that have had their 6 or 8 weeks all-clear from the doctor.

PT also available for anyone that is not postpartum!

Weekly zoom calls will take place to check progress, progress pictures and measurements will need to be taken throughout the course of the sessions. Emotional wellbeing check-in also!

Exercise programs will be sent on a weekly basis for the following week, based on the number of times a week the client has signed up for.

Programs will be planned according to the client’s equipment, environment, and level of fitness/postpartum stage.

Online clients will also have access to

  • Private FB group
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Nutrition support will also be a big part of the online 1-1. Weekly food diaries will be requested, and suggestions made.
Personal Training Sessions - Online PT
£240.00 - £3,000.00